Police in Cambridge moving from BlackBerry to Windows Phone

Windows Phone
Apparently, the conditions of the company BlackBerry does not refuse improvement but still receive more crises, After it has many large companies and government agencies to abandon phones BlackBerrys, the police announced Cambridge in the United Kingdom it was preparing to replace approximately 4000 units of phones BlackBerry are used by it currently about 8000 units of phones Windows Phone. Apparently, the reason for the change is to monitor police Cambridge for many of the improvements in the security architecture of the system, Windows Phone 8.1, as well as the fact that manufacturers are working hard to support the system, Windows Phone 8.1 with the knowledge that the system BlackBerry Entreprise Security will be supported in the near future phones Windows Phone. It should be noted that the Windows Phone platform currently accounts for 20% of the corporate market in the United Kingdom, and in that category grow faster than consumer sales.
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Officially announced the phone Vertu Signature with classy specifications at a high price

phone Vertu
The company Vertu today known as smart phones luxury and expensive detects the latest smart phone affiliate, which carries the name of Signature Touch, has been supplying this phone system Android KitKat and specifications upscale At the same time, it cost 6750 pounds which is equivalent to 11,300 U.S. dollars.

According to the company Vertu, the phone Signature Touch comes with a screen of 4.7 inches at a resolution of Full HD covered with glass Sapphire, quad-core processor class Snapdragon 800 a frequency of 2.3GHz, RAM size of 2GB, internal memory size of 64GB, front camera accurately 2.1 megapixels and background accurately 13 megapixels with dual
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Expectations of a decrease sales of iPhone 5C in the fourth quarter of this year

iphone,iphone 5S,iphone 5C
Looking back a little bit and exactly when it was revealed the new iPhone phones , it was believed that the low - cost iPhone iPhone 5C may eat some of the market share for the iPhone 5S high cost , especially in emerging markets such as India and China. But apparently, this is not the case in spite of everything , it was iPhone 5C is not worth buying in the eyes of many people as it did not come at a competitive price , as many thought it would be. There was already a lot of talk about the fact that sales of the iPhone 5C weak. According to some recent projections , are expected to remain weak sales of the iPhone 5C as well as in the fourth quarter of this year. Says TrendForce network estimates that the iPhone 5C will represent 24 percent of total shipments of iPhones in the quarter , while it is expected to reap iPhone 5s on nearly 70 percent of the total sales of the iPhone.
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Motorola is preparing to launch a phone Moto X at the global level

morotola,moto x
This week was awarded to Moto G phone which managed to steal the media spotlight, and for good reason. The recent reports about the phone Moto X less splendor despite the fact that Motorola allow customers to become all U.S. telecommunications companies the ability to customize the phone. In spite of that phone Moto G is ready to revolutionize the smart phone market low, there are still more things that should be saying for a phone Moto X.
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Xiaomi can sell 100 thousand units of the Red Rice phone in a matter of 4 minutes

Xiaomi,Red Rice,smart phones
Xiaomi company got some popularity in recent times due to the excellent prices for smart phones with high quality and excellent specifications. For example, recall the phone Red Rice, which was launched a few months ago, and featured in this phone that he paid $ 130 will be able to get on the screen of 4.7 inches at a resolution of 720p, processor quad-core frequency of 1.5GHz class MediaTek MT6589T, RAM size of 1GB In addition to the rear camera 8 megapixels.
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Samsung reviewing the idea of a smart phone Negotiable turned into a tablet device

Samsung has already promised us in the Analyst Day conference, which was held last Wednesday, South Korea, the advent of folding screens in 2015, and it seems the Korean company offered models to carry these monitors for investors in the company.
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User interface Nexus 5 will remain exclusive for the same device

phone,nexus 5,nexus 4
Google has recently detects officially Phone Nexus 5, and this means that this device will come preinstalled with Android system 4.4 KitKat along with a user interface that will be the default user interface in the new version of the Android system , which will manufacturers amendment in try to put their mark on them . In any case , it is said that the user interface Nexus 5 is already clean and original without any changes as they come with some hidden features such as notifications and transparent bar buttons , which helps to achieve a comprehensive look while browsing the phone . Unfortunately, if you're hoping to get a similar experience on your Nexus , such as the Nexus 4 may be disappointed too big.
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