Apple users complained tracking radiation images of the iPhone 5

Apple users complained tracking radiation images of the iPhone 5

Apple users complained tracking radiation images of the iPhone 5

Successive recent complaints filed by users through e-mails to Apple complaining that Images that pick them up by the device the iPhone 5 is dominated by color Violet, as shown in the pictures attached.

It is not known so far is this phenomenon is obliged processed because the number of complainants is constantly growing since the advent of iPhone 5, which is that the back so there were many complaints and manifestations of dissatisfaction with the specifications and performance of the product starting service maps as well as scratches that abounded in the backend him until problemsscreen.

Are we in front of a deliberate campaign aimed at the iPhone 5 after his success in marketing in the early days after his appearance? This is a difficult question to answer what is right, but the coming days will reveal to us more facts in this direction.

In response to all the trends that users send malcontents of the violet color that dominates the images captured by the iPhone 5, Apple published a document that contains instructions for how to get rid of this phenomenon, which stated:
"Marking: mark appears purple or another color, dust, or a source of strong light spot in the image when shooting or video.

Solution: It is supposed to show all the mini Such as camera that came with the iPhone in all its models, something in the outskirts when the captured image on the light source to be out of the picture. This applies to the case where the source of the light emitted from one of the corners of the image (mostly from outside the framework of the scene) and then it leads to reflection on the camera sensor. In order to overcome this problem, you must change the location of the external light source for reflection on the picture disappears. "
The document, which is published by Apple users a number of complaints from the emergence of violet in color photographs, comes reply in an attempt by Apple to say that it has a solution for every problem.

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