Apple's shrinking order of iPhone 5 because of low sales

Apple's shrinking order of iPhone 5 because of low sales

Apple's shrinking order of iPhone 5 because of low sales

Apple informed the companies that provide it with smart phones to reduce parts order on iPhone 5 because the device sales are not going as expected, citing an informed source with no confirmation from Apple.

Although no published figures for sales of the iPhone 5 and not the sales figures for the device, but the magazine and the Wall Street Journal confirms that Apple has already trimmed half order of screens, the iPhone 5 for the next quarter of the year, while 'Japanese' nikaia Apple cut in half most of the elements of the iPhone 5 parts from other companies.

The iPhone 5 is the most complex of devices designed and made Apple so far. The company was responsible for the installation of the device 'Foxconn' had complained of difficulty and complexity of the installation and Assembly of this device.

Apple has released iPhone 5 through September and in case of great shortage in the markets emerged from this machine to the inability of the company 'Foxconn' to keep up with market demand because of the complexity and difficulty and slowness in assembling the device, and now it seems that the pressure and demand decline is no longer a 'Foxconn' complain.

It should be noted that the reduction of the order of the Apple iPhone 5 will affect the sales of these ISPs pieces mentioned both monitors or any other part of the device because it is not possible for the companies marketing these pieces to your non-iPhone 5 because of the specificity of production according to predetermined specifications.

In this context, the magazine said, "Wall Street Journal" reported that one of the companies that supply-panel Apple iPhone 5 is a "Sharp" Japanese suffering from a severe crisis and reduce Orders will lead to destruction.

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