Conflict between Apple and Samsung

Conflict between Apple and Samsung

The conflict began between Samsung and Apple becomes stupid to some extent, after that the two companies to raise issues in the United States and South Korea, began issues in the expansion where it was raising more issues in all of Japan, Italy and Germany, are all on the grounds that the other party was violating some of the patentsPerhaps Apple is from this war began when raised the issue on the Samsung accused of stealing designs iPhone, iPad and use it in their machines.

In contrast, the Samsung responded to Apple where she said that designs devices were found to have from before the release of the iPhone and it is used in several other devices on a simplified form, but the Samsung since a month or two to provide suit asked to see the iPhone 5 in the court also raised the issues accuses Apple of violating patents invented.

This escalation comes at a time which he had declared by some officials of the two companies that they were in the process of settling their differences away from the courtroom and try to calm the situation but this was reversed expected escalation makes us wonder .. When this conflict will end?

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