Download "Memory Booster" application for Android

Download Memory Booster to improve the performance of memory devices Android

Download "Memory Booster" application for Android

# Application "Memory Booster" a very powerful tool to improve the performance of random memory for mobile smart "Alramat", which is designed specifically for each of smart phones and tablet computers that are running Android.
# Program "Memory Booster" is designed to address the difficult problems faced by the memory management in all devices that are running Android.
# Apply "Memory Booster" can recover the lost memory for your programs through the distribution and retail your device's memory and prevent memory leaks due to misuse and frequent operator applications.
# Application "Memory Booster" supports the following languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese.

Application features "Memory Booster":

# Permanent follow-up report to the state memory device: It provides a chart showing the ratio between the total memory kidney, unused and used.
# Determine the optimal performance target: by identifying and size distribution of memory on your phone and applications so the memory of your device remains higher than the required level, and you work quickly to raise the performance in the case of the sudden decline of memory.
# One click to improve the performance of your device memory: where you can next to the automatic selection that improves memory also manually by using the "rapid improvement Quick Boost.
# Automatic optimization in the background of your computer: via automatic optimization divider at the intervals Memory Booster works in the background of the screen of the device and restores the leaked memory for your device.
# Protect Android system from any defect occurs: Memory Booster always monitors your system resources and memory is cleaned upon arrival to a critical point can lead to malfunction of the system.
You can download the program "Memory Booster" from here
You can also get the application from Google Play store through this link

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