First technical faults in the device the iPhone 5 surfacing

 iPhone 5

First technical faults in the device the iPhone 5 surfacing

What that Apple launched its new series of iPhone, and proudly began talking about the fictional figures of sales in the first hour of the first day, so that users began in contrast to complain of some of the problems in the new device on the screen.

Users complain about the appearance of bubbles on the screen when the device is operating in the first time in addition to the lack of clarity in some setups.

And brings to mind such phenomena similar cases appeared when you launch your iPhone 4 when users complained of yellow spots on the screen. This phenomenon has disappeared in your iPhone 4 after several days. And then show that the defect in the material used in the manufacture of the device which is a chemical composition does not evaporate according to expectations, but remain in the device because of the urgency of production and lack of prudence to evaporate.

But now grumble-reasons and motives, nor link between this complaint and such. And claimed Users trying to get clarification from Apple through its pages on the Internet and technical support forums for the company, but so far there has been no official response from the company or who are represented on these inquiries.

Not only did the users to write and illustrate the problem, but they started waving to the Internet and specifically to the YouTube videos were recorded for these phenomena, which see it corruption in the iPhone 5 screen, is meant here is the aforementioned bubbles.
In addition to this, some have complained of problems in the backlight of the device, while one Customer complained of a zigzag line at the bottom of the screen.

It is said that technical problems like this is not something new for devices of modern, accompanies each new device usually problems may not surprise the producers, but we are apparently in front of the phenomenon will occupy Apple so long to overcome all defects and phenomena technique which refers to the damaging of a new devicei Phone 5.

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