Galaxy S 4 fastest-selling in the history of Samsung

Galaxy S 4 fastest-selling in the history of Samsung

Galaxy S 4
Samsung confirmed that it shipped 6 million Galaxy S device 4 since its launch at the global level in the 26 last April, making it the fastest-selling device in the company's history.

And more specifically it in conjunction with the launch day device had shipped 4 million units, and then shipped two million units in the period following it until the tenth of May.

For comparison, the Samsung took 85 days to sell 3 million units of the Galaxy S, while it took 55 days just to sell Galaxy S 2, and 21 days to sell the same number of Galaxy S3, and now it took 15 days almost to sell the same amount of Galaxy S 4 .

The company expects to achieve sales level of 10 million units until the end of the month.

We recall that rival the iPhone 5 phone from Apple sold 2 million copies as requested in advance before its launch in the market during the first 24 hours only.

Perhaps this is the dazzling success of the device is prompting Google because the company cooperating with Samsung to launch a special version of Android-device net without amendments making it the first device carries this version of the outside the chain Nexus.

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