Have you been detected backend iPhone 5?

Have you been detected backend iPhone 5?

Have you been detected backend iPhone 5?

While we all await disclosure date of the new iPhone device, which will launch it seems, in the autumn, once again began an avalanche of rumors that precede the onset of the new device from "Apple", which is getting their own pace as the launch date approaches the device.

In this context, we began to overlook with new pictures every day Nachroha say it for parts of the next iPhone. Today, we have received new information regarding the external appearance of the device in the rear facade.

And also appeared in the video and images attached to the port your charger at the bottom of the interface seems much smaller than we used in the previous models of the iPhone as the speakers on either side designed differently from what it was until now, in addition to the backend as a whole are made of aluminum black.

The rumors also say that the SIM card device will be smaller than it was in your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and this returns to the small SIM drawer in this model's younger Unlike previous models.

Of course, we should remember that attached video and images may not be Ttakttiya being the now common only, so this information becomes fact integrated should be on the "Apple" that confirmed or that denies But as our return "Apple" is pursuing a policy of secrecy heavily on everything related to its organs new , we do not believe it will emerge from the usual this time.

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