Imagine iPhone model 6

Imagine iPhone model 6

Although the Apple is confident that it has managed to sell more than 50 million of the iPhone during the last quarter of the last year, however, that some people believe that the iPhone currently designed and operated now adopted, must be referred to the pension and that time has come to radical change.
This was the main motive to develop scenarios for different designs have not yet been reflected in apple and may not appear at all, but of the Design people who see it in this way and be driven from their love of these devices and how to design the best according to their vision. Therefore, it is not surprising that the design of the iPhone 6 expected by inspiration from iPod nano 7.

The apparent design in the attached photos of the designer-making talented Federico Sisera, which the previously envisaged for other New apple of decision-making. In any case, the vision of the future Federico model iPhone 6 seems to be very nice.

The designer has adopted able to design "iPod nano" as a basis for designing iPhone 6, i.e. on iPod nano to iPhone 6 which IOS, the way Mac OSX. When we look to the design by Federico we note a convergence with the design the "Ialomia) police station" of making new Nokia.

If we leave aside the splendor of the exterior of the device, we cannot lose sight of the operating system that has been adopted by the designer in this device according to his vision, and order is iosx so called designer and wanted him to respond to the work of the device, including like OSX system adopted in the Macintosh.

Since the operating system turns whenever he turned the device, this reminds us software planted by Apple in recent versions of the IOS.

Is it worth this design the next machinery adopted by Apple?

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