IPad 5, iPhone 5 S, Yvonne Plus - a diverse mix of rumors!

IPad 5, iPhone 5 S, Yvonne Plus - a diverse mix of rumors!

IPad 5, iPhone 5 S, Yvonne Plus - a diverse mix of rumors!

From rumors that circulated Following the news of Apple products that the next model of the iPad device will be put in the month of October and it will be similar in design to a mini iPad.

As for the iPhone, says rumors that the next model of the iPhone series will be iPhone 5 as will undergo several Beauty minor amendments to the outside design. As if all these rumors are not enough, there have been a hot rumor talk about a new iPhone that will appear in the next year, 2014!

Amid all these rumors, cited Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge site that he had the opportunity to catch a special Peixa iPad device of the fifth generation (in private industry Alexaouat company Apple devices). He said that the clothing looks close to a iPad Mini However, a new round in the four corners and its framework is designed in a manner somewhat different.

He added Horovitz that could Apple use technology developed by the company, "Sharp" and well-known technology IGZO special screens, which allows the company produced Apple can create a device thinner than we know now from the devices, and the exploitation of the place remaining to put the battery bigger effort and energy than normal.

Horowitz said he was expected emergence of iPad device 5 during the month of March of this year, but some of the technical hurdles debut postponed to next October.

Not speak Horovitz in his report on the iPad device, but eating to talk about the next iPhone device that thinks he will carry the name iPhone 5 as will be similar in terms of its external design of the device current iPhone 5 add some minor cosmetic adjustments designed no more. Horowitz believes that the Lighting "Flash" will be stronger in the next iPhone from his predecessor, in addition to that the next iPhone will be lighter than all of the devices that we knew of the iPhone series so far thanks to the collaboration between Apple and the Chinese company China Mobile.

As for the device iPhone, which is expected to appear in 2014, says Horovitz, it would be 4.7 inches screen and will carry Thompsah "Yvonne Plus."

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