iPhone 5 as

iPhone 5 as

Rumor: Is Apple began manufacturing the next iPhone 5 as?

 Did not take long to give birth to the latest of a series of smart phones devices iPhone, the iPhone 5 beautiful wonderful opinion of experts, and here is the first leaks about the next device come to our ears attention.

Although a large proportion fan of Apple could not so far from the acquisition of the latest phones of this company, which is iPhone 5, it seems that he did not write them to enjoy the latest device of this series for a long time, because they are what they are able to buy it until the sample shows the latest of it on is expected in the pace of production of Apple devices.

The site posted the Chinese Market Daily article inferred from the possibility that Apple has begun preparing for the next production of the device of the iPhone series in the next month of December is a seventh-generation device of this series for the purpose of its launch with the beginning of the new year 2013.
The publication site said: "Every pedophiles you iPhone devices, we have been preparing everything for the manufacture of the iPhone 5 as".

According to the text of the news: "Apple begins first experiments on iPhone device manufacturing Creator which will carry the label iPhone OS 5, is scheduled to launch production of this device industry in the month of December the amount ranging between 50 and 100 thousand device only. It is expected that the markets are supplied in this form in the first quarter of next year. "

It also came in the same news report of the site: "The Apple then plans to launch a new version of the iPad and the iPhone device and a TV Apple TV and so until the end of the first half of next year so that the prices of these products significantly reduced."

At first glance, it seems that what is stated in the site mentioned amazingly, but we have to remember that Apple surprised the last time when fired device iPad 4 without any introductions after half a year just to put the previous model to him, which irritated many of those who purchased iPad 3 Shortly before that. Apple is known to be raised each year a new model of its phones why not be the next model is the iPhone 5 as!

On the other hand Apple officials feel some disappointment from the sales of iPhone 5 device that does not fit the enormous investments and expenses before production. This fact may push Apple company to try new involvement with another device with minor improvements to enhance the sales and appears as a new model which apparently will be the iPhone 5 as.

It is known for each observer Apple's shares on the Stock Exchange has received a blow after put the iPhone 5 device because it came less than the expectations of experts and investors in terms of sales. For this endeavor Apple to show a softer paramount in the pace of production in order to maintain their positions in the market, note that the devices Alandroed on the rise continuously as well as devices and Windows Phone coming strongly is the other, and this in itself is a clear indication that the year 2013 will see the competing strongly in the market for smart mobile devices , whether mobile or tablet.

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