Latest Samsung Phones 2013

Latest Samsung Phones 2013

Compete in this year 2013, the number of smart phones like the iPhone of Apple and is also a Galaxy of all kinds issued by the South Korean company Samsung, as well as BlackBerry phones, which issued a very large boom this year. And also HTC phones, which issued a new phone this year and also set to وميا the subsidiary of Nokia. Therefore, today we show you the latest mobile phone Nokia 2013, a new nokia lumia 720.

$ 330 for specifications
Size 128 grams.

Dimensions 127 678 mm.
4.6-inch screen and purity of 480 800, a touch screen.
No internal memory up to 8 GB of external and also can be up to 64 GB.
The device's RAM 512 MB.
Nokia lumia the 720 Kamertan First Background 6.7 mega pixel camera and a self-focus and also Rear Camera 1.3 mega pixel camera and all of them can pick up a 30 frames per second.
Slide the device koala com SM 8227.
The device's processor dual-core 1 GHz.
Graphics processor is Adriano 305.
Battery operated without connection to 520 hours and also the time of contact to 23 hours and also play music or video up to 70 hours.
The device's operating system is Windows Phone 8.

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