News says: iPhone 5 will support lte connections all over the world

News says: iPhone 5 will support lte connections all over the world

While confirming all the rumors that the next device of a series of iPhone will be equipped with communications technology of the fourth generation known nominate LTE, did not mention any source so far Will this technique work in other countries outside the U.S. and Canada or not.
News says: iPhone 5 will support lte connections all over the world
We recall that the network communication technology of the fourth generation LTE available in a new iPad but it does not work only in the United States and Canada, and do not respond in any other state.

Now it seems it's different, apparatus the iPhone 5 will be equipped with LTE technology so that it can be used all over the world and not just in the United States and Canada.

According to the report, which dealt with this matter, "the iPhone coming from Apple will support networks, the fastest in the world at any point in the world, including the United States itself, Europe and Asia - but it is likely that problems arise due to some communications companies that are not ready to deal With this kind of rapid communications.

The transition to LTE technology fourth generation network, will serve as a strong impetus for Apple to compete the rest of the companies will be able to contact companies marketing the iPhone 5 more easily due to the tremendous speed of the Internet in this device.
This may not work technical users have some contact in some companies of the country and this is currently difficult to predict. "

Bottom line: if the sincerity of the news shows the communication technology across the network fourth generation means the fastest internet at all, which could speed up dozens of MB, exactly as it is the home communications.

But the question remains: Which companies prepared to offer such service to its customers, and whether telecommunications companies were able to update the infrastructure deployed on the length and breadth of the country to be able to work in this new technology? These questions and answers will appear soon but very soon!!

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