One hour each were sold quantity available from the iPhone 5

One hour each were sold quantity available from the iPhone 5

One hour each were sold quantity available from the iPhone 5

OK inventory warehouses store the default Apple devices iPhone 5 within one hour after start selling the device via the Internet, note that the sale of the device was launched in 11 of morning GMT.

He was scheduled to have all of buying the device via e-Shop for Apple apparatus after a week from now, any day atheist and the twentieth of September, but after an hour starting the sale process said the site, said access to the device from now on will be a week later, but after two weeks , and this shows that the amount that was available for sale in stores Apple has implemented an hour after the start of the sale.

And if we try to compare the iPhone 5 device and the device the previous iPhone 4 as the hardware inventory from the previous model was carried out 22 hours after the start of sales of electronic device, while the inventory now carried out within one hour only.

And continue the sales process without that one can predict the amount that was available in the warehouses and the stomach for the first consignment to customers as of Sept. 21. Some observers have estimated that Apple can sell from 6 to 10 million units during the first week of the beginning of the marketing.

It should be noted that Apple has had in the past to delay marketing apparatus outside the United States because of the entry into force of the stock of warehouses because of the demand ultra expected in the U.S. market alone, note that the largest global market for smartphones is not the U.S. market, but the Chinese market is the first globally in terms of consumption .

It is striking that Apple did not include the Japanese market in the first batch of countries that will be launched iPhone 5 in their markets, but kept her in the second group will receive the marketing of iPhone 5 later this has not happened on previous occasions when it was launched models from previous iPhone.

Little do we note the name of any country of the Middle East within the first batch or second batch of countries that will receive the iPhone 5 in their markets, and this means that the device could reach the area in the month of December or early 2013.

But on the prices of the different models of the device, its price in the United States ranges between U.S. $ 199 and U.S. $ 399 with a two-year contract while the price of the phone without a contract ranges between $ 649 and $ 849 U.S. dollars.

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