Rumor: Is this the backend for the iPhone 5 as

Rumor: Is this the backend for the iPhone 5 as

Rumor: Is this the backend for the iPhone 5 as

Not sulk rest of the hustle detection device iPhone 5 until rumors started again dealing with talk about the next series of phone iPhone not an iPhone 5 as as some believe.

The picture is said to have appeared for the next iPhone device is the iPhone 5 as, but actually this background images for the interface of the device or is it from the imagination of someone making? This is what we will try to make sure of it in the coming days.

Perhaps some mention that it was spread about a month ago the news that the Apple device industry launched the next series of the iPhone, but we heard from bet on the next phone label on it would be "iPhone 5 as". The day has emerged Pictures "prove" that he already this is the new name of the device the next series of iPhone and even us review the background parts of the device.

Among the things that may be granted to highly credible picture is productive serial number shown on the backend of the device mentioned in the picture. Notes from the images some of the changes listed by Apple on a new device that distinguish it from its predecessor the iPhone 5, which is about three screws added for the new model in a manner and place different from its predecessor, it can be concluded that the device inside it contains elements different from the past.

Of course, everything stated in this report remain within the framework of the common need official confirmation to turn into reality the final, but experience has taught us that it is forbidden us to underestimate any common whatever strange because Apple eventually does not stray too far from what is contained in rumors .
iPhone 5 as

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