Rumor: next installation of the iPhone full of spare parts

Rumor: next installation of the iPhone full of spare parts

Rumor: next installation of the iPhone full of spare parts

You must remember the site 9to5mac, who was the first to Ord information on what is believed to be cut and parts of the next iPhone device. Since then until now appeared a lot of detail-filled news from what is believed to be the new series of iPhone.

And here we have no way to verify this information and the extent of her health, but this remains in the circle of rumors, but rumors Troy user thirst thirsty for any information whatever about the upcoming iPhone device.

As we approach the deadline is expected to reveal the new device of the iPhone series, whenever there different bits and pieces said to be affiliated to the next iPhone.

In this context, the deployment of Chinese laboratory working on repairing the "Apple", attached pictures in this story claiming she picked up for the upcoming iPhone device, which was installed in full of pieces and parts have been leaked over the past period. And show us the pictures GTX pure smooth design and is believed to be next in black model of the new iPhone is expected in the autumn of this year.

Lab to the deployment of China's so-called iLab, pictures of parts and additional parts of the machine such as an image showing the button "Home" and the volume control buttons. The site Macotakara known accuracy of his information, has published a video which shows parts mentioned.

Bottom line: There is no doubt that we are hearing many rumors hesitate heavily from now, which will increase the closer to the projected timing of the launch of the next, and perhaps some of you believe that the matter has become boring, they are right, but there are those who seek constantly to get the most insignificant information next to install the device in his mind and imagined before his appearance in the market, or even on TV.

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