Rumors: Let's try the performance of your iPhone 5

Rumors: Let's try the performance of your iPhone 5

Rumors: Let's try the performance of your iPhone 5

From Apple is expected to reveal the twelfth day of September for the latest of a series apparatus iPhone at a time when the Internet are packed rumors relating to the design and shape of the device follows is not available any rumors about the capabilities of the device, is this a coincidence!

Apple may remember when the launch of the new device are some details about the capabilities of the processor based, and it might remember the number of nuclei, and it might also remember how vulnerable became stronger than his predecessor, but without saying anything specific tells us this processor capabilities and realistic manner. But what about the device's memory?

Do any of you know how much RAM it?

You may not know any details about the next processor device with the iPhone 5, but after its launch in stores, when someone decides to buy the machine in order to put him on the surgery table and explains to recognize the specifications of the treatment in detail, but we will not know the whole truth from Apple itself never.

I've offered to Apple in 2010, the first processor it was named Apple A4 has been used as well as in your iPad and iPhone 4, which is kind of ARM Cortex - A8 and the nucleus Graphics PowerVR SGX 535, was produced on the basis of 45 nm as well as some improvements coming from Instrisity, a company acquired by Apple later. The iPhone 4 device is also known as RAM does not exceed 512 MB.

In 2011 came the Apple A5 dual-core processor has been used in the iPad 2 and then in the form of iPhone 4S. A5 processor of ARM Cortex A9 type a nucleus of graphical provider of PowerVR SGXMP2 type while the RAM of the device remained the same 512 MB, while moving in a new processor to work with 32 nm.

In the new iPad device, rather than be put Apple A6 SoC processor in the year 2012, Apple added a graphical kernel PwerVR SGX543MP4 quad for the same A5 processor as well as added to the RAM to 1 GB, and fired on the label A5X processor.

Of course, Apple will not use the A5X in the iPhone 5, at least not in the current condition. The purpose of the Support A5x Wizard Rtina screen that came with the third-generation iPad devices, while the iPhone may take a Rtina screen in 2010 in the iPhone 4, which means that this matter has been processed. So even if you were not the rumors are true, and that the display resolution on the screen Rtina 640/1136 is greater than that, this does not require the use of the processor A5X.

Expected that Apple is trying to develop the performance of the CPU and GPU in the iPhone 5 as it did in the iPhone 4S. The question is whether the company will keep a processor ARM Cortex A9. There are new processor the most energy efficient an ARM Cortex A15 and the new generation of nuclei graphical PowerVR 6. These nuclei will make the performance of the iPhone 5 is much better than the previous, but potentially dangerous instability in this performance, timeliness, and enjoy the benefits of these elements with the advent of the iPhone 6 and iPad 4 later. There is a traditional way to solve the dilemma which is an increase of additional core A5 processor based on 32 nm, so Apple extract as much as possible to add to RAM 1 GB.

The increase in RAM - RAM, means the possibility of opening a larger number of pages the browser "Safari", and the opening of a larger number of applications and switch between them without the device freezes or stops working. We have our return Apple avarice or savings with respect to random memory apparatus. 1 GB is not considered a great value for Ram but capable of that iPhone offers the best performance.

When we talk about memory conservation, Apple doubled the capacity of its agencies in this aspect during the two years of the launch of the iPhone. It was the first of a series of iPhone memory storing a maximum capacity of 8 GB, and then came the model with 16 GB memory after half a year. The iPhone 3G save memory capacity of 16 GB while the model came 3GS and iPhone 4 memory save a maximum capacity of 32 GB. In the past year Apple doubled this value in the device the iPhone 4S to become the maximum capacity of this device 64 GB, evidence indicates that Apple will remain the storage capacity currently.

One of the rumors I hesitated, that Apple A6 system will be adopted on board the iPhone 5. But since the Apple Her first and final decision everything related to the device in terms of both hardware or Software, there is no need for calling different names on the list of similar elements originally.

For this there is no difference in the naming of the next processor, both dubbed A6, A5 or even A5X, Apple will provide us the processor which balances the performance and savings in energy consumption with the speed required for a modern device.
Rumors: Let's try the performance of your iPhone 5

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