Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab from Samsung:

Give the Galaxy devices family provided by Samsung on modern life blend of magnificence and ease of navigation. Continued reading to discover how innovative features that make for a Galaxy special place.

Physical components

Hummingbird processor offers amounting to speed 1 GHz Samsung criteria for high-quality pictures with:

• Photos and videos are clear and pure and amazing.

• seamless interaction between video clips and games.

• less slowdown and increasing speed when running multiple applications.

• devices ideal sizes to be able to write with one hand or two.

• innovative SWYPE ® technology to enter text quickly while on the move.

More than 150 thousand application:
Enables access to an amazing applications running on allocation and develop a range of Galaxy devices every day through:

• market by more than 1,500 of the Android ™ applications, which is growing permanently.

• pre-loaded applications and uniquely designed for smart phones produced by Samsung and smart media devices

• applications such as navigation using Google Maps ™ and Google Goggles ™ created by the same people who produced the operating system

• introduction of innovative SWYPE technology from Samsung.

All devices operate Galaxy Android ™ operating system provided by Google, which is:

• mobile operating system, which is produced only Google.

• open-source platform, so third-party developers are working to improve it as well.

• System is compatible with the Adobe ® Flash ® Player 10.1 to provide greater access to photos and videos and games on the Web (running Froyo)

• video simulator for high accuracy is compatible with many multimedia formats such as DivX, XviD, MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and more.

Samsung Galaxy S

Bestow ™ super AMOLED screen of the Samsung production more fun on a mobile phone to enjoy viewing the following features:

• a clear and bright picture

• color display and accurate

• low glow with a viewing angle of 180 degrees

• Screen slender, light and highly responsive

• the battery lifespan of up to seven hours * while watching movies

So it must be a high fidelity simulation experience that gives them the phone.

Video chat camera:
Makes the Galaxy Tab tablet device video chat and pictures look easier by:

• Front Camera 1.3 megapixel camera for video chat via video

• bilateral programs to chat via video over the Wi-Fi network

• Rear Camera 3 megapixel camera for video images and high-quality video clips.

Galaxy Tab tablet device from Samsung:
Paves the Galaxy Tab tablet device the way for rich cinematic media through:

• a resolution of 1024 x 600 to browse the Web in a similar manner for the computer

• bright colors and clear images with enhanced TFT technology

• display a great 7-inch

• slim size structure of 12 millimeters gives you a great ability to navigate and completely fits your pocket

• continuous operating time up to 13 hours *

Media Hub
Media Hub application brings Samsung's All-Star Entertainment to Galaxy S smart phones and tablets Galaxy Tab. Through access to the studios months, provides you with Media Hub application on the ability to access movies and TV series favorites. And then you can rent or buy new versions of the movies from a library of more than hundreds of titles. Or you can buy the full seasons of TV series on issuance as well as most of the episodes after one day of broadcast. The downloads are saved to your account so you do not lose it never can also share content as well as between the number of up to five devices equipped with the Media Hub application for each account.
Social networking
As your social hub, you can download the tools to communicate across networks and rapidly access to sites like Facebook ®, Twitter ™ and MySpace ™. And use as well as SWYPE ® technology for messaging friends and family in a totally new way texts, as well as complex inbox includes all e-mail addresses work and personal, as well as calendar events, and more.

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