Samsung batteries

Samsung will improve the battery consumption in phones

Samsung batteries
Become accompany their charger your smart phone is a phenomena that has spread among the people these days due to the consumption of those phones Energy abnormally which sparked a passion for Samsung, which is now working to solve such a problem, a problem of dealing smartphones with energy and how to rationalize the phone batteries thatwill be issued this year.

It was Kevin Buckingham deputy development in Samsung to clarify the vision and action plan Samsung to improve the design of phones in terms of the quality of components and applications that issued them and workers to find radical solutions to the problem of energy consumption abnormal The goal here is to produce phones with batteries have the ability to work continued throughout the day full without below its end, but so far all you have to do if you're one of those who are buying smart phones is an additional battery arms or take the charger with you wherever you are.

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