smartphone Nokia

smartphone Nokia

Finnish company Nokia strengthened its production of mobile phones through the new device Asha 501
which has a new user interface running sophisticated touch aims to compete with smartphones that run the Android operating system.

According to the website "Teck Hove" on the affairs of the new phone technology that is part of Nokia's acquisition results company "Smartervon" Norwegian.

And the price of the device Asha 501 to $ 99, which has a three-inch screen and a camera can capture images at a resolution of 3.2 megapixels, and property connect to wireless local area networks ". WiFi," There is also a copy of which can run two tranches.

One of the advantages of the new phone that he could stay for 48 days in standby mode without the need to recharge, and Nokia had announced last month, a decline of sales in the field of mobile phones increased by 21% to 55.8 million units.

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