How to deal with the iPhone 5 4-inch screen

Spry Video: How to deal with the iPhone 5 4-inch screen

Spry Video: How to deal with the iPhone 5 4-inch screen

More rumors over again and determined by the promoters, are saying that the next iPhone screen will be 3.5 inches in diameter as they are now, but 4 inches, and this is repeated in all the talk about the next device of the iPhone series.

As leakage of information or rumors, the next iPhone screen measuring at the new rectangular will be stretched out more than the former, while the display remains unchanged. This situation gives the device a display resolution of up to 640/1136 pixels and gives the user ample space to use the most comfortable.

It should be noted that the iOS 6 beta version of the Apple system, including property add a new line of icons on the screen of the device. For his part, publish MacRumors site video clip shows how to deal with the next iPhone screen 4 inches:

In the attached video you can see how the main screen of the device will look like in the new size bigger, and that allowing arrange icons larger sizes or start a larger number of icons that include games and other icons of icons that should take new forms fit the new screen.

It is expected to leave the old icons in the black parts of its aspects. The Apple resorted to the same method while conversion supported iPhone applications to applications running on your iPad. It will be similar to the display resolution 16:9 format available in many widescreen televisions screens, and then the film will be a wide screen is very suitable for viewing on such screen.

It is noted that Apple has not announced so far for the next iPhone launch date, but that talk (rumors) revolves around the date of 12 September.

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