What is different from the iPhone 5 from his predecessor, the iPhone 4S?

Video: What is different from the iPhone 5 from his predecessor, the iPhone 4S?

Passed five years ago that surprised Apple world phone mobile launched by the designation "smart", and was the first device of this class in the world, returned yesterday to reveal to us the last apparatus of this series that are known to all, iPhone 5, which carries with it the latestmodern technology, it's the smartest phone, thinnest and lightest in the world.

Video: What is different from the iPhone 5 from his predecessor, the iPhone 4S?
IPhone 5 came screen diameter of 4 inches, the largest screen his predecessor, who was a screen 3.5 inches, and the current device provides communication service through the fourth generation of Internet networks Cell - 4G, while the structure of the device is made entirely of glass and aluminum, which is thinner than the previous model b 18% lighter and 20% of it.

The new device boasts iPhone 5 processor faster than his predecessor and Software the new maps as well as improvements to applications and voice instructions known service "Siri".

The device supports the new operating system the latest Apple iOS 6 posed by Apple in June while came the new device processor type A6 is the opinion of Phil Schiller - Deputy Director General of Apple, quickly doubling of processor speed and former contains Assistant graphical faster twice Processor Previous A5.

To the new The equipment has a new camera with 8 mega pixel camera sensor and lens is composed of five elements, while Apple insists that this camera is the best center of all smart devices, and there is no comparable device iPhone 5 this indicator.

IPhone 5 will be sold memory capacity of 16 GB in the United States for $ 199 to be holding, as was the iPhone 4S, Valivon 5 sold black-and-white. Who wish to will be able to obtain the device that submit their applications as of Sept. 14 any Friday and will begin to meet orders as of Sept. 21. On the other hand iOS 6 version will be available for the iPhone and iPad devices, starting on Sept. 19.

Apple has revealed as well as audio files player iPod design novelty device will be launched in the market in the month of October. As to the price of the new model of the iPod Touch will be 299 or 399 dollars, while the price of iPod Nano will be $ 149.
Amid all this media hype shares of Apple in recent weeks, an unprecedented rise in the world this value over a short period such as increased value of the stock during the six weeks by 15% and amounted on Monday of this week, the highest value, while the price per share in the One day an increase of 1.4%.

Great optimism in the sales of the iPhone 5

Expectations of analysts suggest that Apple will sell the new model of the device ranges between 5 to 6 million units during the first three days of the device appears in the markets, and sells for between $ 10 to 12 million units until the end of September. And there is talk of numbers much larger than this.

As a reminder and comparison only: Apple sold model 3GS week after the appearance on the market million units, while it sold in the first week after the onset of your iPhone 4 more than 1.7 million units, while sold model of iPhone 4S in October 2011 nearly 4 million units in the first three days after his appearance on the market.

Observers expect economists to contribute iPhone's New in raising the national income of the United States of America by 0.5% for the remainder of the year 2012, while expected to sell Apple 8 million a device in the United States alone during the three months remaining on the end of the year, and this will contribute to raising the GDP valued at $ 3.2 billion.

It appeared iPhone 5 during the period jammed the new machines, which made sure the manufacturers that launched before the advent of iPhone, was Motorola Mopaillete subsidiary of Google has revealed a week ago for three new models of smart phones from a series RAZR, and there are other company is currently the hub rises again with modern Nokia, a company with a long tradition in mobile phones, which is the second largest company in the world in terms of mobile phone industry, and put forward two new series of "lumia" working the new operating system from Microsoft is "Windows Phone 8."

Conflict on the smart phone market

Managed to Apple since its launch first smartphone series iPhone in 2007 and so far from the sale of 183 million sets of all models smartphones series of iPhone, and this in itself No. terrifying in the economic criteria, which ensures the highest incomes of Apple and the largest share of the profits.

We strengthen the position of Apple in the smartphone market in the wake of winning file injunction against Samsung for violations of the South Korean company for patents belonging to Apple and it decided the jury in the U.S. court to pay Samsung for Apple compensation valued at $ 1.05 billion while said Samsung it intends to appeal the ruling to a higher court Otherwise, the 24 products from Samsung products subject to withholding for U.S. markets.

In spite of the strong operating system used by Apple, but she could not until now exported from the smart phone market and the operating systems market for smart phones. They are locked in a fierce battle with competing companies in both areas. Samsung is now the biggest manufacturers in the world of smart phones, which dominate the market share equivalent to one-third of the world of smart phones, while Apple controls half the share Samsung's share in these markets, any one-sixth. And on the other side of Google controls the operating systems market share equivalent to 68.1% of the system Alandroed compared with 16.9% for Apple and its iOS.

Now attached to Apple hopes to recover some of its power and influence on the market after it won the case against Samsung and the emergence of the new iPhone and achieved sales of striking. It is said that indicators Apple fell in the second quarter of this year compared with the quarter parallel to him last year: 16.9% vs. 18.8%, for its part, has doubled Samsung's share in the smartphone market during only one year so that the 17% to 32.6% now.

Mini iPad

A lot of talk about a "mini iPad" with the disclosure of the iPhone 5, and spoke expectations for a miniature device from iPad is known, after the featured several tablet devices for other companies in mini sizes affinity of 7 inches. Has revealed the "Amazon" leading e-commerce in the world for its "Kindle Fire apparatus" the past week, two models, in addition to two devices Jdidn the read-all of which are average-sized devices for nearly 7 inches screen.

On the other hand the same day detection devices mentioned Amazon, Sony unveiled a similar device fired upon "Xperia S" after Google had launched before that (July) Nexus 7 tablet device. But Microsoft has revealed about the same sized device called Surface will appear in the markets during the October imminent.

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