Analysts: iPhone eliminates the cheap Samsung in the U.S. during the year

Analysts: iPhone eliminates the cheap Samsung in the U.S. during the year

Analysts: iPhone eliminates the cheap Samsung in the U.S. during the year

Frequency talking a lot recently about "cheap iPhone" - iPhone 5 as, specifically during the past two months, especially in the light of smart appliances that markets took a wake up slowly.

Some wonder if Apple launched inexpensive model of the iPhone so that the device structure made of plastic material as was the model 3GS, how its price will be determined to be able to Apple marketed in poor Third World countries where iPhone price is equivalent to an entire month's salary.

Observers expect that Apple put a device similar to the model of the iPhone 5, but with the interface background made of plastic, and if verify this prediction, the device in question will not be cheap, as intended for him, but the price will be the average value. A device that investors expect him to generate enormous profits on Apple, any cheap phone that Apple really will not be cheap, and will fill the company's revenue safe.

Apple is known for its policy in determining prices higher than used for devices intended for middle-income people which usually come at a higher price than similar devices offered by other companies. Hence, we can say that Apple did not come up throughout the history of any special device poorer classes of users. The device "Mac mini" cheaper devices, which once posed by Apple, but he nevertheless comparable to twice the price of household PC computer average capacity.

As noted JPMorgan analyst, Apple does not make cheap devices at all because the rate of profit in these small appliances as well as a lot of design compromises impact of these cheap devices, which can not be satisfied by Apple, but it poses Devices medium price values.

That could put your iPhone at an average price that generates profits if the price was less than conventional prices for your iPhone on the market even attracts users from middle-income people and those who buy their smart phone for the first time in their lives.

It is known that Samsung currently tracking this approach (prices ranging between $ 200 - $ 500 dollars), and thus it controls more than 35% of the market share. JPMorgan analyst says in this regard that Apple is looking forward to the acquisition of a 25% share of the market and add to its share within a year of putting up such a device at a price ranging between 350-500 U.S. dollars. In other words, if Apple introduced a device in this context of prices, without support, they are within a year will be launched to the top in terms of sales and market share to the extent that it may eliminate the presence of Samsung Galaxy from the U.S. markets.

If the Ye meet something difficult to imagine a iPhone interface background made of plastic, you meditate device such as "Nokia lumia" which is the average price value, and that Apple had already introduced devices with different colors to continue to manufacture this class of devices, such as "iPod nano" of fourth-generation stained. Which proved to us that they achieved good results policy.

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