Apple is considering issuing a giant screen chanting iPhone

Success Samsung overwhelming pays Apple to think about the big-screen phones.

Apple is considering issuing a giant screen chanting iPhone
The sources claimed that the company "Apple", the technology giant, considering issuance of phones, "iPhone" new 5.7-inch screen to compete with "Samsung".

The report said that the company "Apple" examine the possibility of competing companies such as "Samsung" produces large-screen mobile phone of manufacture, according to the site digitalspy.

The report added that "Apple" is likely to be released in the next year, two phones, one 4.7-inch screen and the other a 5.7-inch screen.

The partners "Apple" in the manufacturing of mobile phones, it has been plans for larger-screen phones but plans are still under development and discussion.

It is noteworthy that competitors such as "Samsung" Nhjoa in enormous profits with a large-screen phones such as "Galaxy S4" and "Galaxy Note 2," is what you pay "Apple" to think about the possibility of producing large-screen phones are similar.

The company is currently working "Apple" to produce her "iPhone 5 S" as well as an economic version of the "iPhone" aimed at developing countries' markets.

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