Imagine: iPhone 6 new design and battery charging wirelessly

Imagine: iPhone 6 new design and battery charging wirelessly

تصورImagine: iPhone 6 new design and battery charging wirelessly: الايفون 6 بتصميم جديد وشحن البطارية لاسلكيا
Two of the designers agreed to develop a vision for the iPhone 6, which is believed to be on the device will launch the next series of the iPhone from Apple, and incited designers to browse what they believe it should be the device.

We note design posed by these designers have attached a photo and video of this virtual design, contains the speakers, from the front is equipped with a 13 mega pixel camera as well as the device is very slim as well as charging the battery wirelessly.

The designers agreed that the new device should be of additional features such as carrying exposure to wet and dust, but reawakening property coupled device of the recession while hitting a short text message or notice thanks to the LED chip installed on the sides of the device.

The designers went beyond that and the two decided to hide buttons lowering and raising the power of sound through the gear indicator on the screen itself. Left us to show that the device is expected to check the first name you would be iPhone 6 or iPhone 5 as any specifications reviewed here by the two designers will be embedded in the device follows.

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