IPhone Next

IPhone Next

IPhone Next: rumors of different colors and sizes, reports and their views of the truth

As we used whenever we are on a date with a new device from Apple, start rumors profusely enormous such as the upcoming launch of the device, and increase the frequency of these rumors are closer to the expected date of the detection device in question.

IPhone Next
Besides rumors there are news reports that are based on many facts and are usually the result of achieving a press includes a large dose of honesty and the expectation is right to come, but they are all either rumors or press reports remain in the box, wishful thinking and expectation but not official unless announced by Apple itself.

In this context, offer you the rumors now about the device next series of iPhone, he says, the news that the next of this series, which has called the iPhone 5 as according to forecasts, will appear in five different colors, in addition to black and white usual, also added three new colors .

He also came within the rumors about the next he would be a more attractive appearance than we are used by his predecessors of models in order to attract the attention of the largest number of users, despite the fact that the above-mentioned name has not been determined by an official so far.

Did not stop rumors at the end colors that will appear by the next, but said it will be shown to the public during the month of August next year, and if strictly speaking we say, according to the statement, that Apple will unveil the device is expected during the month of June or July next (did not specify the date after) during the annual Developers Conference to be put on the market during the month of August.

One of the observers said that the next series of the iPhone will come in different sizes: 4.5 inches, 5 inches and 5.5 inches. The question arises here of us needs an organ such a large scale? Who wants to carry in his pocket-sized device is almost flat?

When Apple launched iPad device, described by everyone as "Yvonne large" while it said that marketing companies fit for fun and play. Today became the iPad in every home in the world, but research says that sales of formal larger-screen devices had a high turnout and increase increase from year to year because the audience consumers prefer large-screen devices and not, as some observers believe.
Do you think that your iPhone screen 5 inches will deliver the turnout among users.

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