Leaking backend picture of your new iPhone cheap

Leaking backend picture of your new iPhone cheap

Leaking backend picture of your new iPhone cheap

Used Apple every year the launch of a single device in a press conference an annual convened to launch of its devices, but this time it seems that it will be different, he hesitated long been rumors that Apple intends to launch to the side of the device core, iPhone new device iPhone last be cheap.

Apple rumored that this risk is looking to attract users from Asian and African countries with low and middle-income to buy this device cheap.

These rumors for the first time find what is proving to reality, an image leaked to the Internet and the backend to appear next iPhone device from the inexpensive category.

And published this image in Tactus site and wrote to the part, it is the interface for your iPhone background prepared for the poor and middle-income countries, it is made of plastic material similar to previous generations of Apple. It is noted in the picture that the design of the corners circular device has returned again, as noted change occurred in the buttons sound reduction and enlarged it became more accurate than its predecessors, as can be seen the company logo apparent size larger than usual, while we do not see writing down the form, such as capacity, serial number, and other properties .

Along with the picture, it was reported some of the details and specifications that are compatible with what had been leaked to the internet information. He came to Cheap iPhone will depend on the type of processor A5 than the previous generation, and it will be a diameter of 3.5 inches screen of the type "Rtina," Rear Camera 5 mega pixel camera and it will be available in several colors. Adds to the information available that Cheap iPhone will be sold for 300 U.S. dollars only, and that means half the value of the iPhone 5, as stated that the device in question will be put on the market on the 15th of the month of October next, despite reservations on this date.

There was no confirmation that the back cover shown in the attached picture is already a Cheap iPhone next, but there is no formal announcement by Apple that it already intends to put such a device for users in poor countries.

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