New leaked images of the iPhone 5 as reveal new information

New leaked images of the iPhone 5 as reveal new information

New leaked images of the iPhone 5 as reveal new information

After nearing iPhone 5 on holiday Malah first, it is natural that we hear here and there rumors of rumors about the next device in the series, the rumors have intensified in recent days, and the effect that the device you offer him pictures of him will carry the name iPhone 5 as it entered the production line.

It is past experience we know that the device once he arrived the production line, the leaks become possible and even natural, and this is what we are about, after we saw two earlier for your iPhone next here we are today we see two new leaked to the iPhone 5 as noted by the structure full of the device without a screen.

According to the Web site reported MacRumors: The site has received photographs showing (good quality) backend of the device (iPhone 5 MSI) as well as the internal elements of the device. The device includes inside panel links that appeared in the media earlier this indicates that talk about the new iPhone.

The site in question refers to some eye-catching things in the Picture iPhone 5 OS, which is that the processor is referred to as the A6 or A7 (coming in the future) and the reason for that we see in the picture a prototype.

It was further observed difference in the specifications of the battery in the new device, it has emerged battery and emblazoned 616-0652 While this figure numbering in the iPhone 5 device was either 0611 or 06 113 This means that the next device's battery jumped to 5.92Whr instead of 5.45Whr in the iPhone 5.

This is what was on the first picture where elements appear internal device, either on the second picture it shows us the backend of the device, which looks very similar to its predecessor iPhone 5, and this information comes to confirm that the rumors that circulated about the iPhone next will be similar to the iPhone 5.

However we can see a difference, they noted lamp illumination LED next to the lens background, and feel it is greater than its predecessor, and we note that the lamp looks in terms of shape, such as the capsule medicine and this corresponds to the rumors and matched well with the fact that the system of iOS 7 integrates inside, lighting the lamp back when needed in the dark.

That's all what we can understand from these two pictures, although rumors say that the next device of a series of iPhone will be equipped with A7 processor and fingerprint scanner built, as well as to get us additional colors other than black and white.

The other thing is certain that the device will appear in the markets during the autumn of this year and is expected to be put on the market during the month of September, which is due to the emergence of iOS 7 for general users.

So Apple is expected to until the onset of winter to launch iPhone and iPad devices, as well as a new iPhone a discounted price and specifications for users of the lower classes physically.
New leaked images of the iPhone 5 as reveal new information

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