Rumor: Apple launches iPhone Deals through next September

Rumor: Apple launches iPhone Deals through next September

Rumor: Apple launches iPhone Deals through next September

Feel free now on the internet three strong rumors concerning the company Apple, the first rumor about Apple TV and the second related to radios iWatch while the third common talk about the launch of iPhone device at such a low price.

Interestingly smile in these rumors it's free for years without being realized. But if queried about these rumors in the U.S. firm Piper Jaffray investment, about common subtracting related Cheap iPhone device, they will confirm to us that it would be achieved this year. The listed investment company issued a report this year said that one of the devices is expected to appear is a Cheap iPhone specifically in September of this year 2013.

It quoted an official at Piper Jaffray, he says: We believe that the body of a series of iPhone cheaply will contribute positively to revive the shares of Apple for two reasons: first that, despite the price of the device low, but it will increase the company's profits in the middle-and low-income, and these profits are estimated $ 135 million for the year 2013 and the second: that investors are accustomed to buying shares of Apple such as the launch of each new device.

Of course, the launch of a cheap iPhone will revive the shares of Apple as it does this launch any new device, despite the fact that Apple announced more than once, it is interested in the new devices do not pay any attention to profits.

The company says Piper Jaffray that if we look at the markets smartphones in England, Germany, France, China and Brazil, we will notice that the cheapest handsets launched by Apple there is a iPhone 4, which is still sold in these markets, and its price is equivalent to currently 133% of the price of the same category of these phones from the rest of the companies. It can therefore be emphasized that Apple is not, the largest share of sales of cheap appliances in the world. In order to correct this, analysts believe that Apple will launch a Cheap iPhone during the second half of the current year.

And without being a specialist Apple affairs, the launch of a cheap device would increase the spread of devices the company and deduct a larger share in the smart appliances market has been sweeping the markets where it has not been made by poor countries as markets.

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