Visualize iPhone 6

Imagine the iPhone 6

A new vision to introduce us next iPhone device as never imagined

The closer the date of the disclosure of the next iPhone device, whenever more frequency of rumors related to it, and in this context, put another site a new conception of what may be the upcoming iPhone device, and the right to say that this perception had not imagined one before.

And visualization, published by the site depends on a huge amount of patents registered by Apple in its name recently, but the last patent covered design iPhone equipped with a flat-screen type AMOLED damage the device in all its aspects, which it will become similar to your iPod from the fourth generation, which captured the attention of many when it appears.

According to what is stated in the details of the patent, screen mentioned Stlv the device from all sides thanks to the rolling system, which allows the use of a much wider area than usual, comparable weakness.

According to the scenario that we see and you are here, the next device will include recognition technology facial features and follow the movement as well as vehicles from the screen several layers used to create a three-dimensional image.

Here is below this video that demonstrates the idea for the next device virtualization by this perception:

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