10 reasons to be enthusiastic about Nokia lumia 1020

10 reasons to be enthusiastic about Nokia lumia 1020

The camera lumia 1020 advanced camera for mobile phone, this is what the focus of Nokia's promotion of the phone, and within the framework of this promotion identified the Nokia 10 reasons that will make you eager to possess the lumia 1020, and as expected, most of these reasons centered around camera capabilities

Have a sensitive accurately 41MPX the camera
With a sensitive camera rendered an accuracy 41MPX captures phone lumia 1020 images and video quality can not any other phone access, as a result of providing 6 lenses from leading optical systems Carl Zeiss addition to system stability optical image, provides you with this phone pictures crisp and sharp details

 Camera software will help you to take pictures like a professional
Revolutionary phone as a phone lumia 1020 worth a revolutionary program also allows Nokia Pro Camera program the user to capture stunning images and professional with ease, with easy-to-access control options make it a possible change the settings exposing light or white balance or the camera's shutter speed, is very simple.

 Second-generation provider of optical image wronged stability
First supplied the Nokia phone system stability Optical Image was lumia 920, and because of the large sensor camera in 1020 required lumia Nokia engineers to develop a new generation of optical image system stability, the result was a video recording more strain and vibration-free.

Picking double feature
When taking a picture using the lumia 1020 the phone really captures two images, image accuracy full 41MPX and other accurately 5MPX the image in order to facilitate their participation on social networks.

Gives you a wide range of amendments

A single image from a phone lumia 1020 opens in front of you a wide range of possibilities to be creative, thanks to the large size and high precision of the image you can take a certain portion of the original image and convert it to a new image, which you can get the pictures and multiple threads of a single image
The new generation of xenon flash
There are certain circumstances Photography charge you use the flash, fortunately lumia 1020 phone provider Xenon flash summit in magnificence, allows you to capture great pictures in the dark.

Amazing speed capture
Speed ​​image capture in a phone lumia 1020 amounting to 1/16, 000 seconds, and you can program the camera to reduce the shutter speed to 4 seconds in order to add lighting effects when shooting in dim light
The ability to record stunning video
Not taking pictures alone what distinguishes lumia 1020, where You can the phone from 720p video recording while use 6X strongly rounding without losing quality digital due to rounding.

Great quality sound recording
Lumia 1020 phone with my husband unable to afford the microphone sound pressure up to six times the acoustic pressure Who shouldered by other smart phones, and as a result will get a pure sound free of interference even when recording in noisy places .
lumia 1020 phone also supernatural intelligence
Even if you are not interested in the potential of photography in lumia 1020, make this phone all the innovative functions which you would expect from a phone that is running Windows Phone 8, for example, navigation and mapping application HERE Who proved Strength to maps and navigation application from Google, shipping Wireless property the battery and many additional.

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