Leaking Tel: Blackberry Porsche BlackBerry 10 system is coming

Leaking Tel: Blackberry Porsche BlackBerry 10 system is coming

 When we talk about Porsche phone we are talking about a masterpiece and marked more than a phone, a phone that was purchased by celebrities around the world. It now appears that the company Porsche for rich definition intends to release another phone in collaboration with the BlackBerry also used its new BlackBerry 10 where it leaked a number of pictures of them, including non-obvious and clear to one of the phones that operate them and are currently being tested as it seems. The leak back cover of the phone with high-definition images.

Phone often will be designed by Porsche as was the previous phone, and if we look at the back door, it uses the skin as it looks from the inside, it uses carbon fiber and found that supports NFC.

Did not confirm this one yet, but from the back door of the phone I can not say that it will be a full touchscreen phone without a keyboard. If we returned back we will find that the phone Porsche 9981 depends on specifications on the phone Bold 9900 and now it is said that this phone will depend on the Z10 but there is a rumor emerged through the site Vietnamese say they intend to release phone screen full and another keyboard such as Q10 but all will be designed by Porsche.

Even now I do not know if this rumor fact but the phone is still apparently testing phase, which precedes even manufacturing, we do not know if the company Porsche plans to launch this year or next year, but is certain that he will not be a cheap price.

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