Nokia lumia the 1020 "featuring a 41 megapixel camera

Nokia to lumia the 1020 "featuring a 41 megapixel camera

 Nokia lumia 1020
Nokia unveiled a new portable device featuring a 41 megapixel camera, it can, according to the company, to record "details it was impossible to monitor than before any compact camera inside any of the smart phones."
The company said that users of the new device will be able to grow the image they want without any effect on the image quality.
 Analysts said those who tried the camera she was "undoubtedly" The best camera in the smartphone market. However, they added that it is not a guarantee because the phone registers the highest level of sales. Has conducted a market research company, "IDC" statistic to holders of smart devices in 25 countries, until it is to identify the factors that would be the cause of direct sales market in the future.
The statistical results showed that for the user, while The sound quality and battery life and securing the device in addition to surfing the Internet on top of those priorities.
Said Francisco Jeronimo, "BBC", which one analyst for mobile devices at the company "IDC": "watching most users pictures on their smart phones or on social networks on computers."
He added: "You need Nokia because convince users that this new device is superior to other devices in situations where the light dimmed, otherwise they will not notice is the difference that they get if they enlarges the image on a big screen or they print a large poster her."
He added: "It may be that phone the best types of smart phones at all, but I doubt that convinces that device many users regardless of their hardware-based" Android "or the" IOS ", which amounted to shipments accounted for 92 percent during the last quarter of the year. " 
Video clip can be enlarged 
 The device lumia1020 second device prove the Nokia Corporation of digitally sensitive 41 megapixel quality.

In the past year, the Finnish company launched a "Pure View 808", but the demand for it has been limited because it depends on the Symbian operating the program does not write his own language, but a small number of programmers.

 The new device, thereby acting system of "Microsoft Windows Phone", which includes 160 thousand application can run on it.

With its ability to exit high-resolution images up to 38 megapixel, the new phone uses another process based on integrate Pixels in is to minimize the size and exit has become thoroughly 5 megapixel, so being in that picture removed all Pixels points is not necessary.

 In addition, the capabilities of the new device on the video recording can also benefit from a high quality camera, which allows the user that the zoomed image to four times while filming a video clip high-resolution up to 1080 pixels, and so without losing quality, and can be based video image zooms six times the image which amounts to 720 pixels quality.

The new device also adds optical image stabilization feature by engines and lens systems that will prevent vibration of the picture.

 But all this comes at a high price for the device, where the device will be launched at U.S. $ 300.

Some analysts believe that Nokia wants for the new device to attract the attention of shoppers to what will come after the other products of a similar nature. He said Wood, a senior researcher at the office "CCS" consultative Insight: "Bearing Co. Nokia lumia 1020 device to be on top of the new generation of smart phones."

 He added: "It would be important regarding media coverage which will focus on innovative technology for the new camera that represent a boost not only for lumia device, but also will be a boost for the new group of phones that are running Windows."

Android rivals
 Nokia boasts that the new apparatus is useful for users who prefer to take the photo and enlarge it later, which is different from the hardware products of other brands.

And already Samsung unveiled Galaxy S Technology Zoom 4, in its new, which includes the camera optical zoom up to 10x, which allows the user to zoom during capture, a technique found in compact cameras more than smartphones.

However, the company "IDC" You see that Nokia has reached a smartphone featuring the best cameras yet.

 Geronimo said: "For the professional or amateur photographers who love the acquisition of high-quality camera, this device would be the best options available in the smart phone devices."

He added: "The camera software interface also features easy to use."

He continued: "However, in order to be able to compete with companies Apple and Samsung, Nokia because the company will need exposure at competitive prices, along with increased activities in the sales shop to display the possibilities of the camera compared to other devices that rivalry in the market.

The Nokia pointed out that the new device will be offering for sale in the United States in the twenty-sixth of July, and will present in September / September in parts of Europe and China.

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