The next iPhone may support NFC technology NFC

The next iPhone may support NFC technology NFC

Although the iPhone is a smart phone first in the world, but it lacks the feature near-term Near Field Communication, known technology NFC, a technology that allows the exchange of data in a very limited scale, so use this feature mainly in the exchange of files between two phones Convergent is also used in Payment and financial transactions is difficult to penetrate, and this feature significantly present in Android phones and is used in financial transactions via Google portfolio Google Wallet. 

 And because the phone the iPhone's lack of NFC technology to those technical incompatibility with the design for the phone, but it seems that Apple has solved that problem and will support the next iPhone iPhone 5s NFC technology, according to the site said Phone Arena, citing data base for telecommunications company Verizon.

It is worth mentioning that Apple has worked on two experimental models of iPhone 5 phone support the technology last year, Apple has also earlier in the year registration of patents based on NFC technology.

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