URGENT: scheduled arrival # BBM application on the Android platform #

URGENT scheduled arrival # BBM application on the Android platform #

Some time ago and we hear that BBM will be available for other systems by the end of summer, some time ago I was talking with a simple employee of the BlackBerry on this subject laughingly said to me, the question is: summer of any state mean? Of course, during the summer or summer vacation will vary between countries. Today, according to BlackBerry branch India, the custom BlackBerry Messenger for Android is likely to see the end of September and this means that there is still a long time to correct the information.

Sunil Lalvani was specifically is the one who said on this matter when he said:
Service coming to Android this summer. But the North American summer that will last until the end of September.
And ask him questions then you will arrive before the end of the month of September, he said yes, CEO Thorsten Heins time earlier said that the end of the summer if we collected a statement with each other, we knew that the end of September will arrive for Android.Well BlackBerry now reported to us indirectly appointment only everything was collecting permits.

Do you think it is far or was it something unexpected?

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