Apple conference to reveal the iPhone 5S on the tenth of September

iPhone 5S
"Apple" presented a new version of your iPhone in September

Site said "ALL Things Digital" interested in the news of the digital world that the company "Apple" has been a new generation of iPhone device on September 10 next year.

The launch of the new smartphone an important event for the "Apple" that have achieved half of its profits in the third quarter of this year thanks to sales of iPhone, and it should be noted that the company's share in the market for smart devices fall constantly, reaching in the second quarter of this year, 13.2 percent, lower by 3.4 percent compared to index the first quarter, due to the intense competition with the company "Samsung" and the emergence of large quantities of smart devices operating systems Android with specs good in the market, and experts predict that the company uses in your iPhone new screen ISO instead of the screen retina, and the therapist works on frequency 1.6 Hegasichael, and the size of RAM 2 GB, and a camera with 12 megapixels and a device reads fingerprints, sources indicate that the size of the screen in the new iPhone may be increased to 4.3 inches.

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  1. Apple iphone 5S having all the features which one can expect from Apple's new Phone. It will probably get announced on september 10, which will be the good time to check in with all the rumors and speculations about it and what new it will bring.


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