Blackberry phone Z30 obtain a certificate GCF

Blackberry phone Z30 obtain a certificate GCF

World license Organization today issued its approval for the Blackberry phone under the title STA100-3, and Guess What is this device? Yes, it is BlackBerry Z30 phone which we have heard a lot about him through rumors and who is supposed to carry a large screen measuring 5 "for fans of this type of phones. Assumed that this phone comes with a 10.2 system by leaks and so far the company has not announced it officially not talking about, but all the information that we know the source of the leaks and rumors.

Account the organization had put note giving a license for this phone today as it has a page devoted to the site and you have to see it, but that he later hid For this organization who does not know this statement obtained by the device is one of the permits and licenses (certificates) that must be on the device to get it before it kicks off to the public and this is natural between companies but certain that this means that the work permits his neighbors have approached schedule more.

What we do know is that BlackBerry plans to launch the fourth quarter of this year, and even now it is not completely determine the schedule.

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