Blackberry phone Z30 supports shipping Wireless

Blackberry phone Z30 supports shipping Wireless

I remember that at the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 some were asking if he would support shipping Wireless or not, it seems that BlackBerry responded in their own way now as they did not remember anything but today emerged a new list of devices that got the certificate, which will support this technique seems to be among them Phone BlackBerry Z30 next, where will support technology Qi Wireless Power is that will enable him to feature shipping Wireless and if you not know this feature will often there is a device or area you put the device it to begin shipping without the need for the delivery of your phone "cable" to start shipping it and this would be more convenient for offices and others.

Despite the many leaks of this phone starting from images, video ends and revisions, but he was never someone talks about this feature and it seems that the company actually hide until the launch of the phone .It is true that did not leak, but the official body for these technical exposed them somehow through its It is unlikely that you place the device presumably by mistake.

Additional feature which may wish to acquire this phone in the future, perhaps this is a matter I have some hope that there is still no details on the phone did not remember the leaks and will become clearer when announced.

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