BlackBerry Q10 demand is very weak!

BlackBerry Q10 demand is very weak!BlackBerry Q10 demand is very weak!

After the company BlackBerry earlier this year to disclose system BlackBerry 10 the company issued a direct her new BlackBerry Z10 before you launch BlackBerry Q10, and the move has raised many questions in the media technology, so inquire Many analysts about why the company BlackBerry not to go with their own strengths, and through the first launch of the BlackBerry Q10 which features a Qwerty keyboard instead of the actual launch of BlackBerry Z10, which features a full touch screen similar to the vast majority of smart phones available in the market.

At that time, said CEO of BlackBerry, Mr. Thorstein Heins that the reason that led the company to launch the first BlackBerry Z10 instead of the BlackBerry phone Q10 is the fact that I was the one who holds the current standard for smart phones .But according to reports in some modern Wall Street Journal, it seems that the story is different from what he said Thorsten Heins earlier. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports indicate that Thorsten Heins decided to launch BlackBerry Z10 first because the company has backed mobile market Qwerty keyboard for many years, and that he could see the BlackBerry Q10 wait unlike BlackBerry Z10.

According to executives with transport companies and retailers, has stated that the sales BlackBerry Q10 were very bad. It was supposed that the BlackBerry 10 system helps the company to return to the race to compete with iOS and Android platform. But there is no hope anymore for BlackBerry company to compete again, and that the Board of Directors has thought of BlackBerry in the sale of the company and make BBM as a separate company.

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