BlackBerry reduced the production process by 10%, according to new reports

BlackBerry to Cut Production Of Its BlackBerry 10 Devices
BlackBerry reduced the production process by 10%, according to new reports

It seems that things do not bode well for the company BlackBerry at the moment. Having said that, he stressed analyst Peter Misek that he got some interesting information that the company BlackBerry reduced the pace of production of the devices BlackBerry 10 by 10%, and the reason for this, according to the analyst mainly due to slow sales, along with the fact that BlackBerry Q5 is not sold in the form in which the company had expected at the outset. He says analyst Peter Misek that BlackBerry will reduce the pace of overall production from 5.5 million units to 5 million units, while the pace will be reduced production of BlackBerry 10 phones from 2.5 million to 2 million units.

There were some talks that the BlackBerry decided to reduce the pace of production as one of the ways in which it can be for the company to continue to work to resolve their issues without the need to fall into problems with users and shareholders. Some believe that this step could lead the company in the end to isolation away from the developers, and this is what you do not want the company since the beginning, especially with the presence of important applications on the platform BlackBerry 10 with the knowledge that applications are one of the things on which they depend Canadian company to entice users to jump into your BlackBerry. In any case, it is certain that the BlackBerry company is not doing well in recent years, not only at the moment, but we hope to rebound company again in the near future.

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