More information appears on the upcoming Lumia phones

More information appears on the upcoming Lumia phonesMore information appears on the upcoming Lumia phones

We heard just yesterday that the next tablet phone from Nokia Corporation and currently known by name symbolic Brandit will include a Full HD screen measuring at 6 inches, and now we get new information confirms that this tablet phone is also coming Snapdragon processor 8 quartet nucleus.

AT & T version of Brandit phone carries symbolic name RM-940, has been monitoring this device in the Bluetooth certification site which is classified under the category of QDID which includes Lumia phones are coming up with latest Snapdragon processors. According to these leaks new, there are several new devices preparing company Nokia unveiled along with her ​​tablet now known as Brandit, these devices include therapists Snapdragon 400 and Snapdragon 200, and we can assume that these devices will be in the category of mobile low-cost, which will be disclosed in the fourth quarter of this year.

We heard recently that Nokia is working on a new series of Lumia devices with screens clearly 720p, Snapdragon processor 400 dual-core processor, and it seems that those rumors were true and according to the information that have been monitored today in a database Bluetooth SIG.

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