New images leaked phone Xperia Z One

New images leaked phone Xperia Z OneNew images leaked phone Xperia Z One

Another day, another leaked Xperia Z One phone, also known as Honami. In fact, the leak that we got today is considered the best leak phone Honami, because it showcases the phone from all angles, and this gives us a better look with respect to the design before it is officially unveiled on the fourth of September.

Version presented in this new leaks white bear with a silver frame and black front interface. This infusion assures us somewhat health of the previous rumors, which indicated that the framework Xperia Z One phone or by the other Honami will be made ​​of metal instead of plastic.

Interestingly, that these images stand out clearly that the phone Xperia Z One will be thicker than the leading current Xperia Z, is likely to be partly due to a battery that has capacity of up to 3000mAh, and the camera sensor which has a precision 20 megapixels, which is likely to be about 70% larger than most of the available sensors in cameras, smart phones currently on the market.
            New images leaked phone Xperia Z One                 New images leaked phone Xperia Z One

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