Nokia Beats Apple in Italy

Nokia Beats Apple in Italy

Nokia outsells iPhone in Italy says the IDC

According to the latest reports revealed by IDC network specialized in the research market, Nokia has managed to achieve very good performance in the United Kingdom and Italy. In the latter country, increased sales of smart phones, a subsidiary of Nokia rose 17% on an annual basis, which is the Finnish company's authorized possession of the second highest market share for smartphones in this country during the second quarter of this year. This is what puts Nokia behind only Samsung.

In the UK, Nokia's sales doubled to 396 thousand units in the second quarter of this year, which represents 40% of the total sales of Lumia phones during this period. In spite of this, Nokia has failed to turn access to the list of the top five vendors of smart phones in the area.

Generally, in Europe managed to Nokia selling 1.8 million smartphones in the second quarter of this year, a decrease of 11% from last year, but this did not prevent the company Nokia to be among the most popular manufacturers in the region during the period between April and June of this year. The reason behind the poor performance of Nokia Corporation in this quarter is mainly due to the fact that Nokia's sales in Western Europe rose by 19% on an annual basis.

Nokia has tried to vaccinate more market Lumia models in order to achieve the greatest possible sales. Since the beginning of this year, the Finnish company to announce 9 new Lumia phones, including a copy of the Lumia 920 is designed only for TD-SCDMA network for the largest telecommunications company in the world, and of course, we mean here China Mobile.

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