Phone "Galaxy Faulder" Galaxy Folder will come Bashastein.

Phone "Galaxy Faulder" Galaxy Folder will come Bashastein.

News reports emerged that the South Korean company Samsung plans to start racing giant produces smart phones design ideas different from those that we have seen thus transmitted to the modern generation and a revolutionary new design in the world of smart phones.

The idea is the idea of ​​a smart phone retractable production will begin with a phone "Galaxy Folder" Galaxy Folder and which will come Bashastein the off each other in the retractable part with another part panel includes numbers and letters.

According to the site SamMobile the phone screen "Faulder Galaxy" will be of the type AMOLED WVGA accurately, and the system "Android", while the rest of the specifications of the phone will be in the following form:

Processor: "Snabdrajohn 400" quad-core and 1.7 GHz
Screen: AMOLED with a resolution WVGA
Operating system: Android

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