Samsung is working on a new phone running Windows Phone 8

Samsung is working on a new phone running Windows Phone 8

Recently been monitoring telephone and mysterious Windows Phone from Samsung on the platform performance tests GFXBench. This device codenamed SGH-I187, According to data that have been monitored on this GFXBench the site will support the phone screen of the degree and clarity of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It should be noted that update GDR3 will allow Windows Phones iPhone support Full HD screens. But the screen resolution which is available this mysterious phone is the highest resolution supported on Microsoft operating platform at the moment.

This phone comes with a graphics processor Adreno 305 category, which gives us some possibilities here that this phone supports Snapdragon processor 400 or processor Snapdragon S4 Play or Snapdragon S4 Plus. Again, do not rely on update GDR3 is that explains the dual-core processor in this phone. Once the development is completed this update will be we can see the phones and Windows Phone Full HD panel and quad-core processors.

The results achieved by this mysterious phone on GFXBench platform put it close to the phone HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S, but less than the Lumia 920. Given that the code name for this device starts with SGH, this may mean that the device is intended for U.S. telecommunications company AT & T or T-Mobile.

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