See to what extent can the Moto X phone to bear!

See to what extent can the Moto X phone to bear!See to what extent can the Moto X phone to bear!

Anyone who owns a Motorola Droid phone in his hand had doubts that the device was made to escape from the extreme natural conditions and even a nuclear explosion. But do you expect to bring us the Motorola same quality of manufacture and stamina to pioneered new Moto X?Can the device's screen to crack if it is put in the pocket with coins or keys? Is it possible for Moto X to hang if I sat in while the phone was located in your back pocket?

In fact , a layer of protection glass Gorilla Glass resistant to scratches and extreme natural conditions . The good news is that the phone Moto X available on this layer which makes the glass screen of the device is well protected in this regard. On the back cover has a good scuff with respect to scratches, although there are some signs that were not clear in this video. And based on the results of this test, it seems that the phone Moto X pretty much safe in your pants pocket .

Let's replace the keyboard with a knife . The front screen of the device appellate scourge good so resisted scratches very well , but for the rear interface knife has been able to happen with some scratches. In a test hammer , it has managed to phone Moto X in general that Webley scourge good in this test despite the fact that the back cover finished the test with some signs . We can not assure whether the phone has been subjected to some heavy blows or not.

In these tests we conclude that the screen made ​​a brilliant performance and the credit for this is due to a layer of protection Gorilla Glass. The back of the machine feet better despite suffering some damage . Finally, the aspects of the phone Moto X vulnerable to some very bad strikes by the knife and hammer . Anyway, if you put your phone in your pocket with keys and coins should be fine , but if you are engaged in some sports that require a fall in many cases, such as BMX sport you might want to keep your phone in the house.

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