The global version of the Galaxy S4-LTE making its way to the FCC

Galaxy S4 LTE-A
The global version of the Galaxy S4-LTE making its way to the FCC

Samsung has released a large number of models of the latest phone currently has a pilot, and of course, we mean here Galaxy S4. A few months ago we heard rumors for the first time that Samsung is preparing to reveal a faster version of the Galaxy S4. And was told that this version will come new Snapdragon processor 800 with the knowledge that the original first version of the Galaxy S4 comes Snapdragon processor 600. Indeed, the rumors are true, the Samsung before the disclosure of the fastest version of the Galaxy S4, which includes Snapdragon 800 processor with support for LTE-Advanced networks which offer theoretically a connection speed of 150 Mbps. But this version of the Galaxy S4 and bearing the name of Galaxy S4 LTE-A available in South Korea only in the beginning since it was activating networks LTE-Advanced in the country, but it seems that Samsung is preparing to launch a LTE-A in other markets as well.

LTE-Advanced networks are not common at the moment, despite the fact that telecommunications companies in the United States stands ready to support this kind of networks in the next few months. Apart from this, the global version of the Galaxy S4 LTE-A carrying code name GT-I9506. In fact, this new version does not provide access to LTE-Advanced networks only, but will also enhance the performance due to terrible processor Snapdragon 800. Users can expect an increase in performance by between 20 and 30 percent compared with a copy of the original Galaxy S4 comes with a Snapdragon processor 600. Unfortunately, We do not have any information at the moment about the launch date of this new version of the Galaxy S4 in other markets, but as the device won approval FCC, it means that the device is close to the U.S. market, and this in turn means that a copy LTE-A Galaxy S4 became close to the global markets.

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