Win phone Lumia 1020 with the latest competition from Nokia, and pets are required!

nokia-Lumia 1020
Win phone Lumia 1020 with the latest competition from Nokia, and pets are required!

Do you live in the United States of America? Do you have a pet?Good!This means that you can join the fun and grab a new camera phone Lumia 1020 in the latest contest to Nokia, in addition to the $ 1,000 will be presented to the winner. But first, you have to take your smart phone and start taking some pictures.

Are you interested?If you are also just the information you need about the contest "the discovery of your pet," organized by Nokia Corporation are located here .All you have to do is to provide original image appear with your pet. Already being Subscriptions accepted by the Nokia account on YouTube or through the company's page on Facebook or through the American version of the official website of Nokia Corporation .You are also free to share your photos in your account on the micro-blogging site Twitter by adding the hashtag # Discover for your Tweets. You must participate and only one, so make sure you download the image that it considers the best part of a group photos that you have taken.

Every two weeks, Nokia will publish images that were submitted by the participants. Such competition will come in the future but with a different character. Will be awarded 25 thousand dollars as a major prize for the person who was chosen from among 9 people who have moved to the final stage of the competition.

This competition organized by Nokia Corporation will expire on August 28, and this means that you have less than a few weeks to unleash and win phone Lumia 1020. For more details, be sure to be realized from the official rules of the contest at the link below.

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