You should have been on the BlackBerry to adopt the Android system?

BlackBerry to adopt the Android system?

Perhaps many will answer "yes," but in fact, the answer is no!The latest statistics by source stating that if we went back time for behind the BlackBerry, before you start building a system BlackBerry 10 was considering several options, including the adoption of the Android system, but backed away from this idea and decided to build its own system distinguishes Now, recent statistics-based Android seems to be confirmed she was on the right of this decision as it is, according to statistics the Android market it is clear that sales of LG is somewhat high as it is in second place as the most Android devices selling after Samsung, but even though it was ranked second do you know that the Samsung Her first place sells 7 times the number of devices that it sells LG Her second place? Android market has become saturated actually is dominated by one company and this may prevent the entry of new firms where large.

For example, Samsung has sold 70 million units during the first quarter of 2013, while LG has sold only 10 million units during the same period, although it was ranked second The second quarter was the numbers give the same proportions, but what about HTC, Sony, and the rest of the companies?

When you enter the BlackBerry to the Android Market is going to be entered after the companies present where they are not the first to use the system and this means that the same would be something similar to that pass the HTC fact that the market is saturated and dominated by one company and all devices have the same content and updates about this difficult process more competition while building its own system may give it a greater chance of excellence both a way to use the system or even by its features.

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