42 million China Mobile customers using phones unofficial iPhone

phones,phone,mobile,iphone,iphone 5s,iphone5c42 million China Mobile customers using phones unofficial iPhone

Apple already has more than 42 million users for the iPhone in the largest telecommunications company in the world, and of course, we mean here the Chinese telecommunications company China Mobile, even without the presence of any official release. This means that tens of millions of those users for the iPhone using their handsets in 2G mode, which provides a very slow connection to the Internet, due to the fact that the Chinese telecom companies rely on TD-SCDMA networks unique.

However, the phones iPhone new, including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C support networks TD-LTE now, and when you reach these phones to China Mobile probably in the month of November, it is expected to be harvested Apple on sales of very large in China alone, and this of course if he decides to existing iPhone users in the country spend hundreds of dollars to buy new versions of the iPhone, which supports high-speed networks in the country.

Apple's contract with China Mobile that is available on more than 740 million subscribers that will tip the scales in favor of Apple in the smartphone market in China, with the knowledge that Apple has lost much of its market share there in recent times in favor of competitors.
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